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Heroes Landscape Lighting is partnered with the top lighting systems in the market today, Haven Lighting.  You can choose to illuminate your home and business with brilliant yet white lights or light your exterior with many color options.  Every option will come with accessible and simple control right from your smartphone or tablet

Haven is Heroes Landscape Lighting preferred choice in Omaha outdoor lighting technology!  You will not find anything on the market that compares.  Pick from color choices for any event like Christmas, 4th of July, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s day, or even Halloween, perfect for Midwest nights.  Haven lighting is also five times brighter than any other product in the market today.  State-of-the-art technology for RGB (full color range to choose from) and multifunctional white lighting will ensure consistent coloring.

Whether you are planning  new landscape design or updating an outdated landscape area, good landscape lighting designs can make architectural features like brick, soldiering, peaks, and entryways stand out.  You take pride in the appearance of your home and for most, aside from being the envy of your neighbors, the LED lighting with Heroes Landscape Lighting provides safety and security across your property.

Property Lighting That Gives New Meaning To Curb Appeal

Add curb appeal with a professional company such as Heroes Landscape Lighting. Heroes  can professionally apply all of the aesthetics principles to your property while making it more valuable and comfortable.  Give your property the facelift it deserves requires and extend its daylight beauty to the nighttime.

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Heroes Is Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Read more Omaha Landscaping Reviews

Limitless Options Built-In With Your Outdoor Lighting

With Heroes professional landscape lighting, you will be able to easily enjoy areas such as patios, decks, boat docks, backyard areas – your entire property.  We can even install unique control options giving you more freedom to adjust the lighting to your unique preferences. Depending on the activity, you can choose from many colors with the Haven Lighting system.

Highlighting various areas throughout your property is a great way to add dimension. Areas such as foliage or architectural elements can also benefit from outdoor lighting.

Lighting can be customized to areas such as:

Residential Landscape Lighting That Enhances Your Time At Home

There are many ways to bring out your property’s most attractive details with architectural and focus lighting as well as ambient light for entertaining and relaxing

Heroes landscape lighting will work with you to create the perfect outdoor visual experience you want with the added benefit that you’re also investing in the future financial return on your property!

we do Commercial Landscape Lighting Too

Besides residential, we professionally handle commercial landscape lighting projects as well.  We take pride in the work we do, from simply lighting an entrance to Home Owners Association (HOA), funeral homes, libraries, apartment clubhouses, restaurants, and many more. Heroes Landscape lighting offers an array of fixtures to create a custom design to meet your commercial properties’ needs.

RGB and LED landscape lighting from omaha's only certified haven lighting contractor



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