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Heroes Lawn and Landscape provides complete grounds maintenance packages for all types of commercial and industrial properties. From Lawncare to landscaping, bed maintenance to snow removal, let the Heroes team work on the outside so you and your team can excel on the inside. Contact us to create the perfect grounds maintenance package from the following services offered.

Reliable landscape contractors that are there when you need them for lawn maintenance and landscape services.

Heroes Commercial Services​

Lawn Mowing And Lawn Fertilization

Don’t take your chances with other Omaha commercial landscaping companies or try to do it on your own, especially when it comes to something as important as fertilization. We’re experts at fertilization and we use the best methods and safest practices to keep your landscape looking incredibly lush and healthy.

Seasonal Planter Color Changeout / Maintenance

Our landscapers can help you stand out from the crowd with seasonal planter color changeout and maintenance. This is a landscaping method that keeps a fresh look that matches the seasons all throughout the year.

Mulching And Spring Cleanup / Cutback

Omaha is no stranger to cold winters. The harsh climate can be your landscapes worst enemy. Heroes’ spring lawn maintenance is here to protect it! Our mulching and spring cleanup plan will give your landscape the tender love and care it needs to transition from the cold weather it recently endured to the warm weather coming its way.

Fall Cleanup Of Property And Leaf Pickup

Fall is often a beautiful time of the year, but it also gets a bit messy. We’ll be happy to remove any fall related debris that may be on your property. Save yourself from hours of backbreaking work. Let our landscapers handle all your fall lawn care needs.

Weekly To Bi-Weekly Bed Maintenance

Bed maintenance is important when it comes to maintaining the appearance of landscape. Our bed maintenance plan gives you the choice of weekly or bi-weekly bed maintenance. We take care of all of the typical stuff like weeding, flower care and soil cultivation. Have something more in mind? Just let us know and we’ll see how we can make it happen!

Landscape Design And Install

Perhaps you’ve recently began leasing a new property or you’ve been a property owner for a while now and are ready to give your property a new look. Either way, our Heroes’ landscape design and installation service can handle landscape design projects of all sizes. Speak with one of our local Omaha landscapers today to see what we can do to brighten up your property.

Irrigation Turn-On And Winterization / Mid-Season Maintenance

One of the biggest hassles with commercial landscaping is irrigation. Heroes lawn and landscaping is here to remove this burden from your schedule. Our irrigation turn on service ensures your landscape will always have the water it needs.

We also offer winterization services which are a must have in our cold climate! With midseason maintenance included in the plan, you’ll always be taken care of.

Snow Removal

Our landscapers even offer snow removal services. This helps your landscape stay healthy and your property safe. Our expert landscapers can handle snow removal projects of all sizes. Our snow removal rates are fair, and we think you’ll agree.

During the winter season, Heroes is on call 24/7 to handle all of your snow removal needs!

Holiday Lighting

We offer a lot of commercial landscaping services at Heroes, but that’s not all we’re here to help with. We’ve added a holiday lighting service with the help of our sister company. No more climbing around on ladders or fiddling with endless stands of lights. Let our holiday lighting service make your property festive without the hassle.

Visit Heroes Holiday Lighting

Every property has different needs, and that is where we can custom build a package for your property. Each property will have an account manager specifically for the property and for any additional needs or services. They will be on property weekly to make sure that everything is looking great for the season and provide a proactive approach for any issues that might arise on property.

Custom Grounds Maintenance Plans

Why Choose Our Landscaping Maintenance Plans?

A building with an obvious lawn care and landscape maintenance plan in place.

Owning a commercial property can be expensive. You probably have overhead and find that a lot of your money is going out to employees and other things essential to your company’s success. The last thing you need is a landscaper overcharging for their lawn care services. We take pride in offering affordable lawn care costs that take it easy on your wallet.

We like to focus our efforts around convenience for the property owner. Our custom grounds maintenance plans make that possible. Sure, you can schedule landscapers when you think you need them, or you can simply let your lawn service and maintenance run on autopilot with our custom plans.

Seasons come and go. With the ever-changing seasons comes ever changing lawn care needs. We offer everything you need in our commercial landscaping packages to keep your property looking great year-round. Snow removal, winter lawn care, autumn lawn care, spring lawn maintenance and even leaf removal are just a few of the things Hero’s is willing to lend a helping hand with.

We prove that we are the best choice for lawn service and lawn maintenance needs with every project we complete. Running a commercial property can be time consuming and at times a bit overwhelming. We would love an opportunity to alleviate some of your stress by keeping your property beautiful year-round.

We specialize in lawn maintenance plans. This is a great way to forget about the burden of keeping your property looking as good as can be without a lot of hassle. Simply get in touch with our commercial landscaping experts, let them know what you would like done and then let us handle the rest.

Check out what separates us from other Omaha landscaping companies.

Heroes Is Your Best Choice for Industrial/Commercial Lawn Care and Landscaping Needs

Landscaping and lawn care can be a real hassle. That’s why many commercial property owners find themselves asking, “where can I find a good landscaper near me?”

Heroes is proud to be here to offer a solution for all your commercial landscaping needs. We’re local landscapers that know what it takes to keep a commercial property looking spectacular in Omaha. Keep in mind, the first impression is everything. Don’t let poor lawn maintenance cause potential customers to form a bad opinion about your services. Let our commercial landscaping experts keep your property in pristine condition!

A few reasons we are your best choice for custom grounds maintenance plans

We’ve been Omaha’s top provider of lawn care and maintenance needs for commercial properties for years. We’ve built a reputation that people can count on. Our years of experience allow us to satisfy our customers and crush the competition. We set the highest standards possible with all our landscaping services.

Being local to Omaha, we treat every landscaping project as if it were on our own home. We do things right the first time every time. You have enough to worry about already without having to worry about the quality of our work. We strive to provide a convenient solution for commercial property owners that need reliable landscaping and lawn service.

We may not always be able to show up on the drop of a dime, but we do promise to meet all your needs in a timely manner. Simply give us a call, let us know what you need and then we will be there as soon as possible. All our customers are important to us, no matter the size of their commercial landscaping needs.

Some may call us a jack of all trades, but we link think of ourselves as experts of all things pertaining to commercial landscaping. Whether you need landscape or hardscape installation, snow removal, fertilization and aeration services, or just someone to handle simple lawn service needs like mowing, we’ve got you covered with our maintenance plans.

A Heroes lawn and landscape truck sitting outside of a local Nebraska business.

Commercial Landscaping FAQs

Commercial landscaping is a great way to improve the look of your property and catch the attention of potential customers. It involves planning, designing and maintaining aesthetically pleasing landscapes.

Prices vary depending on several factors ranging from location to requested services. However, commercial landscaping typically costs between $50 and $100 per hour. Keep in mind, some commercial landscapers charge by square foot with prices ranging between $4 and $12.

Start by having a general idea of what landscaping and lawn services you would like done. Ask about pricing, how long the company has been in business and about their specific specialties. You should also ask whether they offer maintenance packages.

Landscape design is a service that guides clients through the design and installation of hardscapes, water features, plants, turf, walkways, patios and more. A skilled landscaping designer will help the client choose the best features based off their desires, location and maintenance budget.

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