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Heroes Lawn and Landscape are Omaha lawn care and landscape experts. We take care of all your residential lawn care and landscape needs including aeration, fertilization, hardscapes, retaining walls, paver patios and even mosquito spraying.

We provide everything you need to keep your home looking amazing throughout all times of the year. Our lawn service takes the hassle out of Omaha lawn care, landscaping and seasonal maintenance. If you want the best Omaha landscapers, you want Heroes!

A patio hardscape design with lush green grass in the background.
Boulders surrounded by lush turf and healthy plants that receive lawn maintenance services.

Handling All Your Residential Omaha Lawn Care Service Needs

Heroes offers Omaha residential landscaping that will keep your yard in top-notch condition. We’ll make sure your yard gets all the nutrients it needs with fertilization. Our mowing and leaf removal service prevents overgrowth and also keeps your landscape free of debris. We even install artificial turf for those who are looking for a cost-friendly and simple way to maintain a beautiful property.

We’re here to provide quality solutions for residents that ask the question, “Where can I find the best landscaper near me?”. You can think of Heroes as Omaha lawn care specialists. We’ve mastered the trade and we would love an opportunity to show you what separates us from other Omaha lawn care and landscape companies.

Proudly serving multiple areas, you can always find your landscaping “Heroes” in Nebraska.

Omaha, Ralston, Valley, Venice, Bennington, Boys Town, Waterloo, Bellevue, Papillion, Gretna, La Vista, Springfield, Chalco, Lincoln, Hallam, Denton, Malcolm, Waverly, Roca, Ashland

Heroes Available Residential Services

Heroes residential landscaping service will keep your yard in pristine condition, despite our ever-changing climate. You’ll love the way your property looks, and your neighbors will appreciate it as well. If you’re looking for fertilization, leaf removal or even artificial turf installation you can count on, Heroes’ Omaha landscapers are here for you

Lawn , Insect and Landscaping Services

Our Omaha lawn service takes care of the following landscape needs, plus more!

Fertilization & Lawn Maintenance

Keep It Lush with Fertilization & Lawn Maintenance

Proper fertilization is an essential part of Omaha lawn care. Our licensed applicators always keep the safety of your family, pets and the environment in mind. Our fertilization and lawn maintenance packages provide everything you need for a lush and beautiful property ranging from fertilization to aeration. Heroes’ Omaha lawn service even includes weed spraying.

Mowing & Leaf Removal

Maintain Your Property with Mowing & Leaf Removal

Stop spending your weekends pushing a mower around. We offer lawn care packages that include mowing and leaf removal. Our Omaha lawn service will keep your grass at the perfect height and our leaf removal service will save you hours of raking. We’re local landscapers that are here for all your mowing service, leaf removal and seasonal cleanup needs.

Artificial Turf

Be Worry-Free With Artificial Turf

We also offer residential artificial turf installation. This is perfect for people who are looking for low maintenance landscaping that doesn’t require fertilization, saves water and virtually gets rid of the need for costly turf care needs. Our artificial turf is convenient, saves money and is even pet friendly. Get in touch with us to learn more about our artificial turf service.

Residential Landscaping

Your Trusted Source for Omaha Residential Landscaping Services

Residential landscaping is one of those things that should be handled by a pro like Heroes. We offer reasonable landscaping prices and expert services that other Omaha landscapers simply can’t compete with. We promise to provide only the best Omaha residential landscaping design, hardscape landscape construction and landscape management services.

Landscape Design

Beautiful Landscape Design

We never fail to impress with our landscape design services. We take the hassle out of landscape design and our professional Omaha landscapers use only the latest residential landscape design technology. Our experience helps us take the existing environment into consideration. Get in touch with us today and see what our local landscapers can do to give your landscape a fresh look.

Hardscape Construction

Hardscape Construction You Can Count On

We can enhance the appearance of your landscape and prevent issues such as erosion with our hardscape construction services. We mainly offer two hardscaping services.

Retaining Walls: Our residential retaining wall builders can add beauty to your property while retaining your soil, preventing issues such as erosion and solving minor issues such as slopes. Let our hardscape experts take care of your dry stacked stone, brick and segmented retaining wall needs.

Walkway, Patio and Driveway Hardscape Construction: Let us help you create your own little slice of heaven at home with our residential hardscape construction. Using materials such as concrete, pavers, flagstone and brick, we can help you create the walkway, patio and driveway hardscape design of your dreams.

Landscape Management

Landscape Management At Its Best

Fertilization and plenty of water aren’t the only things needed to keep your landscape beautiful. Heroes is an Omaha landscaping company that knows that mulching, edging, pruning, flower bed weeding, seasonal flowers, plus tree and shrub care are equally as important as fertilization. Our local Omaha landscapers are standing by to take care of all these needs and give you the ultimate residential landscaping experience.

Mosquito & Tick Control

Mosquito and Tick Control with Mosquito Shield

mosquito shield omaha logo e1582075231332

Let us give you back your peace of mind and help you once again enjoy your yard with our mosquito shield services. We create custom plans based on climate, location and pest populations to provide the most effective lawn spray service possible. Say goodbye to these annoying and dangerous pests for good with the help of our Omaha residential landscaping company.

Deluxe Maintenance Packages!

SAVE $$$ With Bundling Services For The Season!


Fertilization Package


Lawn Aeration




Organic Soil Amending

Add 3 Services – Save 7%
Add any 4 services – Save 10%

Sprinkler Start Up/Shut Down Packages

Basic Irrigation Package

Complete Season Start-up/Shutdown Includes Up To 7 Zones


Test System


35 Point Inspection


Adjust Heads


Program Controller

Sprinkler Turn Off: Blow out sprinkler system and winterize for the season


$140 No-Hassle Complete Package
$15 discount for prepay

Up to 7 zones, $5 per zone after 7 zones for turn-on

Elite Irrigation Package

Complete Season Start-up/Shutdown Includes Up To 7 Zones


Test System


35 Point Inspection


Adjust Heads


Program Controller

Mid-Season Check: Test system, adjust heads, re-program controler for summer season

Sprinkler Turn Off: Blow out sprinkler system and winterize for the season

$210 No-Hassle Complete Package
$25 discount for prepay

Up to 7 zones, $5 per zone after 7 zones for turn-on

What Separates Heroes From Other Omaha Landscaping Companies?

We didn’t start off as the top Omaha residential landscaping company, but our years of experience, expertise, hard work and values have helped us become the #1 choice for lawn care and landscaping services.

Take a look at some of the things that separate Heroes from other Omaha landscaping companies.

1. Honest Residential Landscaping Quotes

We’re not in the business of surprise charges or hidden fees. Our prices are transparent and fair. Unlike many of the other Omaha landscaping companies, our goal is to help you keep your lawn and landscape looking beautiful while taking it easy on your budget.

2. Our Packages Make Residential Landscaping Convenient

On top of providing you with a pristine lawn, we also like to provide convenience. We achieve this with our residential lawn care and landscape maintenance packages. No more worrying about remembering to schedule services. Just let us know which package you’re interested in and then let the rest run on autopilot.

3. We Keep Our Lawn Care Equipment In Excellent Condition

Lawn care equipment is just as important as the experience and knowledge of a landscaper. Poorly maintained equipment can cause damage to your lawn. Dull lawn mower blades are a perfect example. We keep all of our lawn care equipment in top shape. We’re Omaha landscapers you can have confidence in.

4. Licenses, Associations & Continued Education

We’re very active in the community. Heroes is currently a member of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, Millard Business Association and the Lincoln Business Association. Being proud members of the Nebraska Turfgrass Association, our landscapers stay on top of new research and developments in turf health.

Heroes is also a holder of a Nebraska Pesticide License which ensures your pesticide treatments will always be done in a safe, effective and environmentally safe manner.

Landscape kept healthy by residential landscaping services.
Giving back to our troops with free residential landscape and snow removal services.

An Omaha Residential Landscaping Company That Cares About The Community

We do our best to give back to the community in any way possible. When you use our residential landscaping services, you help us give back to the Omaha community. We’re proud to take part in programs such as Greencare for Troops and Snowcare for Troops. These nationwide programs assist our actively deployed military personnel by providing them with free landscape, lawn care and snow removal services.

Pests And Disease Are No Problem With A Proactive Maintenance Plan

Pests And Disease Are No Problem With A Proactive Maintenance Plan

A small investment in one of our residential landscaping packages can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Proactive maintenance plans are essential when it comes to maintaining lush lawns, avoiding disease and keeping your yard pest free.

High populations of pests in the Omaha area means your yard is constantly in danger of infestation. Don’t become another victim of the devastating impact of grubs and other pests.

Spare yourself the hassle and cost of poor landscape maintenance. Get in touch with Heroes right away!

Grass suffering from disease.

Get Started Today With Heroes Lawn and Landscape To Bring Your Vision To Life!

It’s easy to start a landscape maintenance package with Heroes. Simply schedule a free estimate, choose your package and then let our landscape experts do what they do best. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I pay for lawn mowing?

The cost for a lawn mowing service will vary depending on the company and size of your yard. Many companies, including Omaha lawn service companies, have packages that include fertilization, overseeding, aeration and more. If all you need is a one time grass cutting service, the average can be about $27. Keep in mind, some companies may charge more.

What is the process of landscaping?

Residential landscaping and even commercial landscaping basically involve two steps, the layout of the design and then the landscape construction. A landscape design company will examine your needs, put together ideas, and then plan the landscape construction. At this time the customer will be involved in the process with the landscape design company. This is commonly the process whether it’s a Omaha landscaping company or a landscaping company from another part of the country.

What is the difference between landscaping and gardening?

There are similarities between residential landscaping and gardening. They both need a design, a plan and upkeep. However, unlike landscaping, gardening typically has plants in a smaller area. A landscape design company and a gardener can both design and decide on a plant list for a garden, however the gardener will place the plants, remove weeds, nurture, and harvest what’s grown in the garden.

What services do landscaping companies offer?

Omaha lawn service and landscaping companies across the country commonly have more than fertilization and mowing services. Professional landscaping companies might also include aeration, retaining walls, paver patios, mosquito spraying, hardscapes, residential snow removal services and overseeding as part of lawn care and maintenance services. If you Google “ Local Landscapers”, you can find Omaha landscapers that offer lawn service packages.

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