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Because Heroes Lawn and Landscape is a true professional and your one stop shop for Omaha residential landscaping, we can offer you lawn care and landscaping services for any job, no matter the size. Not only do we offer residential landscaping, we also provide commercial landscaping services.

If you have been researching local landscapers or have even done a search in Google for “landscaping near me” in Nebraska, then you have found the landscaping company with integrity and knowledge that truly cares about you… our customer.


A property that receives residential lawn services.

Serving multiple areas, you can always find your landscaping “Heroes” in Nebraska.

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Lawn care isn’t simply water and sunshine. This is why professional residential landscaping services can be of a great benefit to you. To receive the best lawn service and landscaping your residential landscaping provider must be knowledgeable about climate terrain, insects and more. Our local landscapers understand that in order to be the best residential landscaping company we must base our services on the science of a healthy lawn.

Guesswork will not give you the desired results when it comes to lawn service and maintenance. Actually, this can result in errors that cost you much more than lawn service and maintenance would and might even cost you on the value of your home. A beautiful and well-maintained yard can add significant value to

One of the many residential landscaping jobs completed by Heroes.

Residential Lawn Service & Residential Landscaping

Tired of cutting your grass? Then our grass mowing service is for you.
Our lawn care and maintenance services consist of:

  • Keeping the grass around your fences, flora and fauna and more trimmed nicely
  • Edging a sharp border for sidewalks, curbs, driveways and more
  • Clearing clippings and any other debris from hard surfaces with a blower and manually removing any remaining debris or trash

(Grass clippings can be mulched into your yard during lawn service and provide important nutrients between your fertilization services)

With our mowing services you can rest assured that your turf will remain healthy and beautiful because we regularly maintain out equipment. You can add this to a residential landscaping and lawn service package.

While Fall can be a very beautiful time of year with all the foliage changing color, we all know that these beautiful, colored leaves can also cause a big mess on our property and with our lawn service and maintenance.

Leaf removal companies can be a true blessing because cleaning up piles of leaves and bagging leaves can be a huge, tiring task.  Our residential landscaping company has several different leaf removal plans and will come to the rescue with professional landscape services that include not only tidying up your yard efficiently but leaf disposal as well.

A residential landscaping service or landscape maintenance service that offers cleanup and removal of leaves will not only help you, it will help your yard. There are many benefits of cleanup and leaf disposal for the health of your yard:

- Prevent Spring Dead Patches

If you have a lot of dead leaves that have just been left in your yard, they prevent air from getting to the soil which in turn impacts the grass. This can actually suffocate your lawn and there will be unsightly bare patches in the spring, therefore fall lawn service and leaf removal is essential.

- Keeps Disease Away.

All the best residential landscaping in the world won’t do anything for the appearance of your lawn if there is disease lurking beneath wet leaves just waiting to sprout mold, bacteria and more to ruin your grass. Cleaning up leaves will prevent this.

- Shields “New” Grass

If you have put a lot of effort and/or money into overseeding your grass to enhance your residential landscape design you want the new grass to be able to get the nutrients from the sun. If there is a buildup of leaves this won’t happen and the grass trying to grow will eventually die.

- Cuts Down On Mosquitos And Other Insects

Lots of bugs including mosquitos love dark, wet places to incubate their offspring. There are even certain species of bugs that will attack and kill your precious trees which can ruin your residential landscape design. Cleanup and leaf disposal will help keep these pests away.

Heroes Lawn and Landscape’s fertilization service is among our most requested Omaha landscaping services. We offer a 6-step fertilizer service designed for the flora and fauna in Nebraska that consider the weather conditions and terrain.

Residential landscape design commonly incorporates turf. For your lawn to be as healthy and beautiful as possible, fertilization on a regular and timely schedule is important. This provides vital nutrients that help it survive harsh weather, bugs and even weeds.

If you have invested in overseeding or have had landscape installation done you’ll want to make sure that your investment is protected with proper turf care.

Our professionals, who are licensed, use the safest techniques for fertilization all while being certain your loved ones including pets, property, and the environment are protected. Our fertilization service supplies necessary macronutrients and micronutrients as well as aids in weed and unwanted grass control. This should be part of your regular landscape maintenance services.

Overseeding Can Bring Your Turf Back to Life

Heroes Lawn & Landscape as well offers fall overseeding.

Overseeding is the process of planting grass seed on existing turf, is a great addition to turf care and doesn’t require the digging up of your existing grass or soil. It’s an easy thing to add to residential landscaping services and will fill in the empty spots, improve the thickness of the turf, improve yard color and make a better overall impact for your residential landscape design.

Benefits of overseeding with newer grass varieties include:

Helps turf withstand bugs better – Incorporating overseeding with a lawn spray service will protect your landscaping investment.

Helps keep your yard healthy – A professional landscape specialist like Heroes knows that guarding against disease, low water situations, too much shade and traffic can all be devastating for your turf. Fall overseeding is a great answer.

pros of installing artificial turf

If you’re looking for the best lawn care company that will also provide artificial turf, then Heroes Lawn and Landscape is your best choice for a residential landscaping service.

Some homeowners in Omaha and surrounding communities think artificial turf is the best thing since sliced bread. This type of landscape installation cuts your lawn care and maintenance way down. Artificial turf is a low maintenance landscaping choice, saves money and water and is fine for your “furry friends”. This makes it an environmentally-responsible residential landscaping option.

Your artificial turf installed by Heroes Lawn and Landscape has these benefits:

  • Cut down on water without sacrificing the rest of your yard·       
  • Your yard will be beautiful all year long
  • No fertilization, no lawn spray service, no grass mowing services are required
  • More time for you and less on landscaping
  • Your lawn care cost decreases

residential landscape design

Our residential landscape design professionals take the worry out of knowing where to start with landscape projects.

Incorporating beautiful landscaping can really boost the value of your home and give you interesting spaces to entertain or even just relax. Our landscape design company can help no matter if you want a front yard or backyard design. Your new landscape design should reflect your personal wants and needs whether it be hardscape landscape projects or trees and shrubs.

Heroes Lawn and Landscape guarantees any of our trees or shrubs through the first winter. You can’t beat that.

We also offer landscape maintenance services to go along with the residential landscaping services.

Hardscapes Add Charm to Your Surroundings

You’ll love heroes as the best choice from all the hardscaping companies out there. Hardscape landscape changes the base of the residential landscape design, it’s the foundation and provides the first step for the landscaper to begin to add the softscapes by choosing the perfect color schemes and then adding plants, trees and shrubs.

Hardscapes, done correctly by our residential landscaping professionals, can direct rain, and even water from sprinkler systems, correctly and ensure that your yard doesn’t end up a muddy mess.

Our Hardscapes Include:

Stone hardscapes with dry stacked stone

  • Retaining walls that include block, brick or a segmental retaining wall
  • Walkways, paver patios and driveways – we have a large variety of material choices including flagstone, brick, concrete and more)

lawn care and yard maintenance services

Landscaping doesn’t have to be a hassle when you let Heroes Lawn & Landscape handle it for you.

We provide landscape maintenance services like residential landscape design, mowing services, fertilization, aeration, mosquito spraying, overseeding, hardscapes like retaining walls and paver patios, residential snow removal services and much more.

Our professional landscaping team can also free up your precious time by taking care of your softscapes with mulching & edging plus pruning & flowerbed weeding.

If you want to keep landscaping costs down but love the way seasonal flowers brighten up your landscape design, then you’ll want to use our landscape maintenance service. We can brighten up your yard with spring and fall installations at reasonable prices.

If you want to keep your existing trees and shrubs protected from harmful pests and provide proper fertilization to keep them healthy, our landscape maintenance service is perfect for you.

A property that regularly receives residential landscape maintenance services.

Keep The Pests Away With Mosquito Shield

A simple explanation of how pest removal services such as mosquito shield work.

If you’re contemplating a lawn spray service to get rid of pesky ticks and mosquitoes, you’ll have many residential landscaping and yard care companies to choose from. However, you must make sure the company you choose is licensed.

Registered mosquito spraying compounds are safe and will work correctly when they are used properly. Heroes residential lawn service has got you covered with experienced and licensed lawn and garden maintenance.

Our three-pronged approach kills mosquitoes, masks your CO2 (which attracts mosquitoes), and repels them away from your property. The spray adheres to foliage, wood, stone/brick, and other organic materials. This creates a vertical barrier that strengthens with each visit.

FAQ’s About Residential Landscaping

The main purpose of landscaping is basically to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. Plants, shrubs and trees will freshen the air while adding a gorgeous touch to the property. Landscaping services make the process simple by doing the majority of the planning as well as the installation of your landscape.

Several factors come into play when pricing a landscaping job. The price will vary based on the size of the project, materials and plants used, as well as the amount of labor the landscaping project will require.

An aeration service includes putting small holes in the soil which helps grass roots receive air, water and nutrients by reducing soil compaction and enhancing thatch breakdown. When all of these necessities are present the roots of the grass on your lawn will be stronger. When including aeration with your residential landscaping service, you’ll see a more robust and appealing lawn.

As part of your lawn care and maintenance, aeration services are supplied in the spring or fall seasons. Having days that are warmer and cooler nights makes these seasons the best time to get ready for the harsh conditions that your lawn will have to endure during summer and winter.

Different landscapers will have different prices. However, the typical range of pricing is between $50 to $100 per hour for every landscaper the job requires. Larger projects will require more labor and landscapers which in turn can lead to higher costs.

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